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Halliburton Advertisement Tries to Improve Its Image

Halliburton has begun an advertising campaign to improve its tarnished image and, as the company says, "to address misstatements put forward during the 2004 presidential campaigns."

A television spot says Halliburton supplies hot meals, laundry and telephone links for soldiers in Iraq. The ad shows a man in desert camouflage holding a phone, his lip trembling, and shouting, "It's a girl!"

"Halliburton. Proud to serve our troops," an announcer proclaims.

The announcer continues, as Iraqi school children are shown singing and clapping: "We built bridges ... schools ... all over the world."

"But the biggest thing"

"Serving our troops good ol' American food...."

Halliburton employees are shown dishing up meals for American troops as the announcer concludes:

"... so they'd feel just a little closer to home. Yeah."

There is no mention in the ad about Halliburton's $27 million rip-off of the American taxpayer for food served to the troops.

The commercial ends with the company's customary "Halliburton: Proud to Serve Our Troops."

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